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I Kinda Do

What could possibly go wrong?

Mason Chambers is not just my boss. He's also a single dad and a man I've secretly desired for years—not that I'd admit that to anyone, even myself. But when he proposes a fake relationship, with the added twist of a sham marriage, I know I'm in trouble.

I can't risk losing my job or the chance to be a surrogate mom to his adorable daughter. But pretending to be in love with him means playing with fire. Can I resist the temptation to act on my feelings and jeopardize everything I hold dear?

As we navigate the challenges of our pretend romance, I discover unexpected depths to Mason's character, and I can't help but fall for him for real. But can we overcome the prejudices of those around us, who don't believe a man like him could ever love a woman like me?

Right By You

I had it all, but it was nothing without him.

I walked away from my fairytale when it became my nightmare. What's the point of having it all when the person you're supposed to share it with spends more time at work than he does at home?

It was hard to leave Gabe, but I had to do what was right for me. If you love something let it go and all that. Only, it's me I'm setting free.

It's not that I don't love Gabe anymore. I do. But I'm tired of being the only one to fight for us. I deserve more.

After years of putting his dreams first it's finally my time and I couldn't be happier.


Until one of our mutual friends tracks me down with news that tests my resolve.

Dare To Love

When we met, I thought Austin was everything I wanted in a man - funny, kind, caring, family-oriented, and extremely sexy. But his attempt at humor left me hurt and angry.

Now, I'm stuck with him as my best friend's brother-in-law. Avoiding him is impossible, especially since he's "filling in" for her while she's away.

Despite our rocky start, there's a spark between us that just won't die. The line between love and hate starts to blur, and I realize that maybe there's more to Austin than I thought. But then I find out the truth - Austin's friends dared him to prove he isn't allergic to commitment.

Did I fall for someone who was only in it for a bet?


It's Not You

I have to admit, I never expected to find myself in this situation. Ryan LeDoux is a force to be reckoned with - tall, strong, and so incredibly handsome that he could charge admission just to watch him work.

The thing is, he also happens to be incredibly broody and seems to hate my guts. The only reason he tolerates my presence is because my best friend is practically family to him.

But fate has a funny way of bringing people together, and when our jobs collide, everything changes. Suddenly, I realize there's so much more to Ryan than meets the eye. He's not just dangerous and moody - he's also caring, sweet, and kind.

With him by my side, I find the confidence to stand up for myself and live life on my own terms. He becomes my biggest cheerleader, minus the pom-poms and pleated skirt.

And when I ask him for something I shouldn't, his answer takes me by surprise.


A Second Glance

A new car, a new house, and a new job - it's my chance at a fresh start. After a life filled with my ex's shady friends, I need a break. But the last thing I want is my hot neighbor Chris and his nosy friends poking their noses into my business. And I definitely don't want his son anywhere near my life.

But life has a way of throwing us curveballs.

Chris and his friends challenge my perception of the world and introduce me to a new vocabulary of trust, help, and friendship. Even after they discover the truth about my past, words like these find their way into my everyday language. And as for his son - meeting him is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Despite my age and my aversion to children, Chris takes a chance on me. For the first time in my life, everything feels perfect.

But Chris has a past of his own, and it's a problem. Can we overcome our pasts and build a future together?



The world didn’t end when my girlfriend died.

As much as it hurt to lose Vee, I had to go on. I had to live for her. And for the daughter Vee died bringing into this world.

I can’t do it alone, though. Unless I want to live with my mother forever, I need a nanny.


But who can I trust?


A deleted epilogue from I Kinda Do.

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