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Putting 2022 Behind Us!

2022 was a big year for me and one I'm not sad to see the back of. The Misters and I survived the deployment, and we're ready to get on with our lives.

I realized recently that I'm already working on a new series! Yeah, Tarnished Hearts isn't finished yet, but those characters are giving me the silent treatment right now, so I'm going with the ones who have spent the whole year yelling for me to put their stories out into the world.

But that means my brand can't be all about Tarnished Hearts anymore.

I wasn't thinking this far ahead when I first designed my website and whatnot. My focus was fully on getting things done and in place so that I wasn't still scrambling to do them during the deployment. But that's over now, and it's time to put it all behind me, starting with a rebrand!

Happy New Year!

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